“Retro Style meets Modern Day Construction”

Written By Carlina Bjork - January 12 2021


March 18 2022

When will the smoothie front zip jackets be released? Thanks

Kelly H-M
March 09 2021

Great site, I love & wear often, every piece of your cozy cotton clothing & the beanies rock too. Congratulations to you & your family on the new store venture!!! Best always

March 02 2021

Always ready to support a local hapa Hawaiian Chinese

Lisa Hecker
January 21 2021

This is so cool! What a great venture for you all. We loved the story, the history of Jeff and his family and the very Waikiki photos.

Gary Keeter
January 19 2021

I really like this intro to the blog and website. It is well written with an eye on history and culture.

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